Goat Cheese vs. Feta Cheese: Tasty Cheeses

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Difference between Goat Cheese and Feta Cheese

Cheese is one of the many tasty morsels out there, people around the world love cheese; kids, teenagers, and adults alike, cheese is healthy, tasty and real passion for some. However, there are several different types of cheeses out there, some you may never heard of, some you are quite familiar with. Cheeses are usually made from milk, such as cow's milk, sheep's milk, goat’s milk as well as camel's milk in some Middle Eastern countries. Cheese is a great source of calcium and other vitamins and minerals and people often have cheese for breakfast, snack or anytime of the day. However, the two confused cheese types are goat cheese and feta cheese. Let’s look at what separates them.

Goat Cheese
Feta Cheese


Feta cheese is usually made using sheep's milk, however, sometimes it's made with a mixture of sheep's milk along with goat's milk has its origins in Mediterranean countries. It's normally aged for about three months and a certain amount of time is allowed for it to ripen before it can be called feta. On the other hand, goat cheese is made using 100% goat cheese, usually made in France. Unlike feta cheese, goat cheese does not require aging and is ready to be consumed almost immediately. Occasionally, some varieties of goat cheese can be aged from one to three months.

Taste and Texture

Feta cheese tends to have a tangy, salty, and somewhat sharp taste, depending on your taste buds it could also be described as tasting bitter. The texture of feta cheese is quite chunky and feta cheese contains good (pro-biotic) bacteria which can help kill the listeria in your gut. On the other hand, goat cheese tends to taste a bit like ice cream flavored cheese, which feels firmer and is a bit tangier. Goat cheese is quite delicate and tends to crumble easily. However, goat cheese tends to become harder and chalkier as it starts to age.


Feta cheese has 264 calories with a total fat of 21g, with the saturated fat being at 15g. Trans fat and cholesterol is measured at 89mg, while the sodium content is a whopping 1,116mg. It has no dietary fiber and contains a decent 14g of protein. On the other hand, goat cheese has 364 calories, with a total fat of 30g, while the saturated fat sits at 21g with 0g of trans fat, while cholesterol levels sit at 79mg, sodium content is at around 515mg, with total carbohydrates at 3g. Goat cheese has no fiber, and has a decent amount of protein at 22g.


Cheeses are consumed around the world, and people around the world love to eat them any time of the day. The two most confused cheeses are feta cheese and goat's cheese.

  • Feta cheese in made in the Mediterranean region, and is aged considerably, while goat cheese is made in France usually, and does not require aging.
  • Feta cheese can have a bit of a chunky texture, with bitter taste. while goat cheese tends to be soft and crumbly and have ice cream like taste.
  • Both cheeses vary in their fat, sodium, trans fat, and protein content, however, goat cheese contains the most protein at 22g

Which cheese tastes better?
  • Goat Cheese
  • Feta Cheese

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