Good vs. Evil: Moral Concepts

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Difference between Good and Evil

Good and evil are just terms to define ones actions or the outcome of an action or situation. You cannot touch or feel good or evil; however you can feel good or evil during circumstances. If you do a certain thing you might feel bad or evil for doing it, just like the way someone treats you may be evil. You can mentally think like an evil person or a good person. But all the same, they are only mental or emotional, not physical. The two bare very harsh differences and the only real similarity they have in common is the way they are perceived.


The definition of “good” is, morally excellent or righteous. This basically means to be superb or outstanding. It means to do something very well or to feel very well. Evil on the other hand is morally wrong or bad. Evil is also considered immoral and can be used to describe murderers or rapists. When something is morally wrong it means that others perceive it as wrong but unless you make an action that is evil, you aren't breaking any laws. If you’re an evil person in general who yells at people, you can’t go to jail. However once a person turn that evil into an action like taking a human life, all bets are off.


You can’t actually be good or evil the way you can actually stand on a scale. The reason is because it’s not something you can prove but more an opinion than a fact. Two plus two will always equal four, but hitting someone is good to some and evil to others. Good and evil are just morals and are based upon human’s opinions and perceptions of various situations and what happened to create them. The actuality of someone going out and creating an evil act is large if you truly believe that being evil only means one thing. Perhaps a vegetarian believes it is morally wrong to kill a chicken and all other animals. Is it evil to kill the chicken? It depends on your perceptions of reality.


If one has a positive judgment or mind then they will tend to see things as good most of the time. However for persons who perceive things as bad all the time or has a low mentality they will tend to find things evil. A happy or “good” person can see shooting someone as evil because their judgment is one way, while another can take pleasure in seeing someone get shot. It basically all depends on the type of person to see if their judgment can be what is considered acceptable in this world.

Similarly, a person with a strong Buddhist orientation may think about a wrong being done to them as an opportunity to experience the gift of forgiveness so that karma of this sort will never revisit them as opposed to cursing the antagonist and labeling them as bad or worse.


  • Both evil and good are just opinions and perceived differently by different people.
  • You cannot prove nor disprove something being evil or good because they are just morals, not actualities.
  • In United States it’s considered evil and wrong to kill people, however in other countries it can be considered good.
  • Every place and every person has a different opinion on what good and evil are; it’s all in your mind.
  • The Olympic sport of boxing can be seen as an entertaining sport by some and an unbelievably violent one by others. Every summer Olympic Games have had to deal with boxing protesters.
  • Good and evil can’t be weighed or measured. 
  • Anyone who considers these terms should be mindful not dwell too long - else one gives power to these concepts. 


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  • Yasser Bin Badhan . 3+ yrs. ago

In United States it’s considered evil and wrong to kill people, however in other countries it can be considered good. Are you sure??? You dont see what is happen in Iraq , Efghanstan , Palestaine ( Gaza ) or you think the others blood is not valued. Thanks

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