M&Ms vs. Skittles: Candy Showdown

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Difference between M&Ms and Skittles

When the subject of candy classics comes up, two names are likely to be discussed more than any other: M&Ms and Skittles. The joy of generations of children and the bane of dentists everywhere, M&Ms and Skittles have been standard issue for children for several decades. While the issue as to which one is best is largely a subjective one, this comparison article provides some information on each that may just cause you to favor one over the other.



In terms of flavor variety, M&Ms have to take a back seat to Skittles. For while M&Ms come in only four flavors (chocolate, peanut, peanut butter, and crunchy), Skittles has the basic cherry, grape, lemon, lime, and orange flavors in addition to a host of tropical flavors and berry flavors. Skittles also comes in gum and sour varieties.

Market Approach

M&Ms and Skittles both rely on highly recognizable and memorable advertising campaigns, with mottos that really stick to the minds of the public. Interestingly enough, both brands’ mottos have something to do with the color of the products. For instance, M&Ms' motto is "Color My World". To counter that, Skittles has come up with the motto "Taste The Rainbow", which most seem to agree is a more appealing and memorable motto. The way that both brands approach their markets by way of their commercials also differ significantly. For instance, both brands obviously try to cater to a wide age group, although Skittle’s ads are undoubtedly more appropriate to children than M&M's commercials. One criticism that has been levied against M&Ms is the use of an "attractive" female M&M character, which many feel that children won't really understand at best, and is inappropriate at worst.

Health And Safety Concerns

Bags of M&Ms carry the notice "May contain peanuts" on the back, but many agree that the notice is way too small to be read easily, or even to be seen immediately. This is obviously an important concern for people who suffer from peanut allergies, since the consequences can be quite serious, and possibly even lethal. So while the notice is a good thing, it really should be a little but bigger in order to be of value. On the other hand, Skittles do not have any peanuts in them whatsoever, nor are the company's facilities used for manufacturing and/or processing peanuts or peanut-based products. Skittles are also just a little bit healthier than M&M's believe it or not. While both candies do have a similar calorie count, more of the calories in M&Ms come from fat. 90 of the calories in M&Ms come from its 10 grams of fat content, versus the 25 calories that come from 2.5 grams of fat in Skittles.



  • May contain peanuts
  • More of its calories come from fat
  • Commercial isn't that age appropriate
  • Has only 4 basic varieties


  • Contains no peanuts
  • Just slightly healthier than M&Ms
  • Offers more varieties than M&Ms
  • Commercial and motto is tailored specifically towards children

Which sweet treat tastes better?
  • M&Ms
  • Skittles

Discuss It: comments 20

from what they r saying skittles but i think m&ms taste better depending on if ur r in a chocolate mood or a sweet mood not really fair to compare because it depends o what u looking for

From what they are saying skittles but I think m&ms taste better depending on your mood.It could be chocolate or it could be sweet it's not really fair to compare because it depends on what you're looking for.

How it should be written c;

SKITTLES! all the way i am inlove with skittles and i am addicted since they are sooo amazing!! especially red ones there the best!! and ive never been a big fan of M&Ms plus skittles are just way cooler

i agree there are good but all mms do is kill people with peanut alergies

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  • Sydney LaVigne<3 wrote on November 2014

agreed. I luv skittles!!!! My name is sydney lavigne and i luv skittles!!!! Go TEAM SKITTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

If anyone knows me you know im skittles biggest fan... pull up in school pop the trunk and all you see is each type of skittles i eat them before school and after.

  • Guest
  • SKITTLESROCK wrote on March 2012


  • Guest
  • Davis wrote on May 2012

Whoever said that they like m and m's for any reason is a loser who has no life

  • Guest
  • skittles wrote on February 2015

No skittles ROCK!!!!

  • Guest
  • chocolatelovr wrote on March 2013

even though i love chocolate i still like SKITTLES EVEN MORE!!! SKITTLES ALL THE WAY:)

me 2 gurl me 2

  • Guest
  • ANONYMOUS wrote on October 2013


  • Guest
  • ANONYMOUS wrote on October 2013



  • Guest
  • ANONYMOUS wrote on October 2013


Go whoever ANONYMOUS is.

I am following In His footsteps!!!!


  • Guest
  • Anonymous wrote on October 2013

I see you anon. I see you. go big red

i see you anon. i see you.go big red

  • Guest
  • Dorian Mae wrote on January 2014

I am eating skittles at the moment.

But actually i think i prefer m&m's with peanut in the middle its so tasty.

  • Guest
  • DiokBoot wrote on October 2014

all of you are liars. skittles wins all.

  • Guest
  • DiokBoot wrote on October 2014

my freinds are dumb butts. they think m&m is better. pshhh losers.

  • Guest
  • Guest wrote on February 2015

You are all ****

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