Cigarettes vs. Cigars: Know Your Smoke

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Difference between Cigarettes and Cigars

Cigarettes and cigars are two things that you either love or you just hate. Some people can deal with the taste, the smoke and all it comes along with, while others, well others just cringe at the idea of a cigar or cigarette being around them or near their family. Smokers themselves fall into one or the other habit and not usually both.


Tobacco and Nicotine

The amount of tobacco that is present in cigars and cigarettes varies on the type of each one as well as the fact that both are very different. See a typical cigar will have anywhere from 5 to 18 grams of tobacco in them while a cigarette has roughly a gram of tobacco present. So if you smoke two cigars a week you may have up to 40 grams of tobacco, compared to smoking a pack a day of cigarettes for a week you have roughly 140 grams of tobacco. The real peril in smoking is directly related to nicotine consumption. A cigarette will have about 8 milligrams of nicotine whereas a cigar will contain a whopping 100 to 200 milligrams per stogie.

How Their Smoked

Many people who smoke cigarettes are addicted to them and tend to smoke packs a day or a week. The average smoker smokes at least a pack every two days. You have a great deal who smoke more than one or two packs a day, in extreme cases. Cigars however, are generally known to be smoked only on weekends. Cigar aficionados may choose to smoke one during a poker game, card game or a round of golf. But the truth is, just one cigar may contain a greater amount of tobacco than an entire pack of cigarettes.

The Dangers

When smoking cigars and cigarettes you are facing many dangers including but not limited to cardio problems, holes in your throat, lung problems, emphysema, bronchitis, and of course, cancer. Both can cause lung cancer and cigar smoking has been linked to pancreatic cancer. Both of these products not only affect you adversely but the secondhand smoke can cause cancer in one’s children, roommates, family, and others in your area. Throat and lung cancer are very common when smoking cigars and cigarettes, no matter how much or how little you smoke.


  • Both cigars and cigarettes are bad for your health and can cause cancer amongst other health problems.
  • Just one cigar may contain a greater amount of tobacco than an entire pack of cigarettes.
  • Cigarettes have a filter blocking out some chemicals and addictive ingredients while cigars have no filter what so ever.
  • Cigarettes have 1 gram of tobacco or less per cig and cigars have 5 – 18 grams per cigar and cigarettes contain about 8 mgs of nicotine versus 100-200 mgs in a single cigar.

Which smoke is safer?
  • Cigarettes
  • Cigars

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