Pringles vs. Lays: Best chip for your buck

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Difference between Pringles and Lays

Whether at a cinema planning to watch a movie or maybe at home getting ready to watch a brand new DVD you purchased or whatever it is that you do during your leisure time, nothing makes leisure time more pleasurable than having a bag of potato chips to munch on. It’s always nice to have something to dig into but if you’re having one of those special leisure moments and want that time to be a little more special in its own way, then that moment calls for a snappier class bag of potato chips. Yes, even potato chips can be classified and there are really just two brands that are hovering at the top of the ladder. These potato chip brands are Pringles and Lays.

Potato Beginnings

Let’s get a quick history lesson with these two brands starting with Pringles. Pringles was first introduced to the potato chip market in 1968 by its owners Procter & Gamble. Originally, Pringles was called “Pringle's Newfangled Potato Chips” and its recipe was created by Alexander Liepa. This is a brand originated in the United States and is famously known for its slogan “once you pop, you can’t stop”. Unlike other potato chips, Pringles pack theirs in a tall cylinder tube that is about the same width as the potato chip itself. Lays on the other hand is another brand of potato chip that is owned by the company PepsiCo which also originates in the United States. Lays was introduced to the potato chip business in 1932, making its presence felt much earlier than Pringles, however during this time, Lays had undergone changes in ownership. In 1932, a man named “Herman W. Lay” founded the brand but in 1961 the Frito Company and Lay’s merged to give birth to Frito-Lay Inc. And in 1965, Frito-Lay Inc. merged with the Pepsi Cola Company to form what is known today to be PepsiCo.

Crowd Pleaser

Let’s move on to something with a little more spice; a classic question that has been debated about in relaxed conversations between family and friends. Here it goes, “Which one is better, Pringles or Lays?” From the very beginning of this article you knew this section had to come and here it is. Now both bring exciting and original flavors to the table and it seems that the battle for supremacy is a neck in neck race. But from my observation, when people want to taste the original flavor of the branded potato chips, they usually buy a bag of Lays. As for those flavored one’s, those kudos go to Pringles. Now these aren't really supported with actual numbers but it is what I and a lot of people have observed. If you think about it, you might come to realize I have a point, given of course you’ve tasted both brands.

Other Facts

It’s no secret that these two try and outdo each other in the potato chip world, but here are a few things worth taking note of. Although Pringles has that natural potato taste in its chips, you should know that they have less than fifty percent potato content per serving. With Lays, their salt content is pretty much up the ceiling but I’m sure you can tell that with a taste.


  • Lays and Pringles are two major brands competing to be the best potato chip in the world.
  • Proctor and Gamble owns the brand Pringles and Pepsico owns the brand Lays.
  • Lays was founded first in 1932 by a man named “Herman W. Lay”, whereas Pringles was founded in 1968 by Proctor and Gamble.
  • The two brands constantly try to outdo each other but so far the race to supremacy has been a neck in neck race.
  • Pringles contain less than fifty percent potato and Lays have a high amount of salt in them.

Which potato chip tastes better?
  • Pringles
  • Lays

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