Documentum vs. Sharepoint: Better content management system?

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Difference between Documentum and Sharepoint

Software companies and manufacturers are continually developing products to help manage customer needs in an effective way. Software can be used to integrate computer applications with the needs of organizations and its people. As business evolves it becomes ever more complicated and with an eye on reducing labor forces, businesses are demanding more intricate and subtle software programs to produce high quality results with reduced need for human interaction.



Both Documentum and SharePoint are content management systems. But there are differences in the uses of each brand of software. Documentum is owned by EMC Corporation whereas SharePoint is a product of Microsoft. Documentum can provide its clients with business process management utilities so that it’s easy to manage information across various levels of hierarchy in a company. SharePoint helps an organization store its data effectively on Internet. It also has a diversified usage allowing users to host websites and documents. Here all the users can change the websites through controls known as web parts. They can also satisfy their own queries from the content called document libraries and lists that are included in a website. SharePoint allows third party users to introduce their own changes in the system and to allow increased functionality. Documentum was founded by John Newton and Howard Shao in June 1990. EMC later purchased this software at $1.7 billion dollars in June, 2003.


Initially, Documentum did not allow changes in web based content. But changes have been introduced into this software like Bulldog that allows digital asset management powers to be given to it’s users. The fifth version of this software was released in 2005. It allows users to accumulate various kinds of content in an enterprise content management platform. Documentum has made several modifications over the years and its latter versions Documentum 5.3, 6 and 6.5 released in 2005, 2007 and 2008. Now, it comfortably allows organizations enterprise content integration, collaboration and document imaging. SharePoint has not able to gain as much advancement in the market as Documentum.

User Interface

Documentation is available in a wide variety of interfaces like FTP, WebDAV, Web services, Documentum Foundation Classes, java and SMB/CIFS whereas SharePoint in only available in ASP,.NET, 2.0. SharePoint uses SQL for storing data. 


  • Ease of use- SharePoint has several solutions in the family like SharePoint designer, which is an editor so that users can use SharePoint in a better way. Documentum does not have any such editor.
  • Dynamism-If you want a more dynamic enterprise management system, then Documentum is an obvious choice. Sharepoint does not have such functionality even though Microsoft editor is included in it. SharePoint does not have digital asset management capability like Documentum.
  • Support for an Internet browser-Sharepoint only supports Internet Explorer in a fully integrated and a level 1 browser. It can only be used as an Internet solution as a part of this software.
  • Also, you can see that Documentum has far more relevance to be used in organizations as compared to SharePoint. Since both of Documentums creators were working at Ingres, which was a top-notch relational database vendor, it can resolve unstructured information management complexities in a far better way than SharePoint. 

Which software app has better options?
  • Documentum
  • Sharepoint

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