Megan Fox vs. Jessica Alba

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Difference between Megan Fox and Jessica Alba

Entertainment stretches far and wide in today's society. It can be found in the form of games, movies, actors, TV, computers, sports, technology and various other things. Many of us look up to actors and actresses because they play a role we wish we could. They portray the life or family we long for, and at times just give us the comedy we need to make it through another day. The entertainment industry has popped out some of the best actresses and two of today’s most beloved are Jessica Alba and Megan Fox. Although different in most ways, they share a common bond of inspiring, acting, and entertaining.

Megan Fox
Jessica Alba

Teen Years

Jessica Alba started her acting career at 13, in the movie Camp Nowhere. She started acting classes at 11 after winning them as a grand prize in an acting competition. Megan Fox however started her acting career at 16 in the movie, "Holiday in the Sun." They have both dabbled in the acting industry and both are loved and hated in many movies. While Megan Fox was just mainly overlooked, Jessica Alba was simply nominated as a bad actress.

Film Background

Jessica Alba is known for her lead role as an “inner city urban” hip hop dancer in the movie “Honey” which aired in 2003. This movie gained a lot of recognition and respect as teens across the globe looked up to her. Her first movie however, was Camp Nowhere in 1994. The movie didn't really blow up but it was the start of a long, slow career for this actress. She gained a good deal of attention for her work as the heroine in the Fantastic Four movies. Megan Fox had her first role in 2001 with “Holiday in the Sun,” starring the Olsen twins and herself. The movie went directly to DVD and didn't receive much recognition. However, she dominated the carpet in “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” starring herself and Lindsay Lohan in 2004. She yet again played a rude and snobbish rich kid. Megan is most widely known for her sexy role in the Transformers movies.


Jessica has won a few awards throughout the years, including the 2001 Alma Awards for “Breakthrough Actress of the Year” and Young Hollywood Awards in 2005 for “Superstar of Tomorrow.” In 2007 she won Spike TV Guys Choice Award for “Hottest Jessica. ”Megan Fox swiped three as well; one in 2008 and two in 2009. She walked away in 2008 with the Teen Choice Award for “Choice Female Hottie and Summer Movie Star.” In 2009 she got the Scream Award for “Best Sci Fi Actress” and Spike Video Game Awards for “Best Performance by a Human Female.”


  • Both Jessica and Megan started acting at a young age and have been in the movie industry ever since.
  • While Jessica Alba is an icon that teens look up to, Megan is an icon who hasn't hide her “dirty” past as she didn't wish to be looked up to.
  • Megan is now trying to change herself to be a better icon while Jessica Alba has already been one and continues to do so.
  • Jessica Alba is very much into charity and doesn't like being sexually exploited, where as Megan enjoys the photographer’s flash. 
  • Both actresses are married; Jessica is also a mother. 

Who is hotter?
  • Megan Fox
  • Jessica Alba

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