Fantasy vs. Science Fiction: What's your genre?

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Difference between Fantasy and Science Fiction

Movies are made in many different genres and themes. Most appeal to a specific group of moviegoers and there are some that seem to appeal to audiences in a more generalized way. Looking at the history of the movie industry, there is no other genre that creates and thrives in controversy once it comes to the silver screen like fantasy and science fiction. These two genres have followers from all walks of life and from different ages and sexes. This might also be the reason why the price of making these kinds of movies is not cheap. What distinguishes fantasy from science fiction, let take a look.

Science Fiction


Fantasy makes use of supernatural elements and magic in their themes, settings and plots. A majority of these types of films are shot from fictional places, different dimensions or different planets, some of them are ancient times and some of them are from the future. But no matter where the setting of a fantasy movie is, there is one thing they have in common – magic. Fantasy separates itself from sci-fi movies because of the fact that it beats the very purpose of science wherein everything has an explanation. Science fiction, as the name suggests is classified as a fictional genre. All the settings and plot of the movie are derived from facts that have already happened or have the possibility of happening in the near future. This makes scientific movies exciting because of the fact that something like it could happen.


The characters in a fantasy movie can be a combination of human, seductress, monsters, aliens or other characters unimaginable. And most of the characters in a fantasy possess different powers, sometimes superhuman abilities. Also, most of the characters in a fantasy are based on pure imagination. For the most part characters in science fiction movies are human. What makes it different from other types of movies is that there are certain phenomena and other events that could happen that is backed up by some scientific research and have the capacity to really occur.


We would notice that in the past, the medium that is used to shoot fantasy movies are just camera tricks. Before, when people watch these movies, they are very amazed by the impact it has to the viewer. But when you look at it now, you will no doubt notice a lot of imperfections in the older movies. At present, people in the movie world have the technology to make films look so real that you cannot distinguish the difference. This technology applies to science fiction as well. This is because science fiction is always shot in outer space and people behind the scenes have to be equipped with the latest technology and software to make the film look perfect.


  • Fantasy is based on the imagination of the film maker which involves magic.
  • Science fiction movies are based on facts that have record ofoccurrencein and around our universe.
  • Both fantasy and science fiction incorporate state of the art equipments to make the film as real as they could look.


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