East Coast vs. West Coast

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Difference between East Coast and West Coast

It is interesting to note that the East Coast and the West Coast of the United States are as similar as they are different. This ambiguity is no more apparent than in these two distinct regions and they are largely responsible for the diversity and unique makeup of the country's inhabitants. Let's see just how similar–and different–the East Coast and the West Coast are.

Influence Of Climate And Weather

As far s the East Coast lifestyle goes, it is defined in large part by adaptation to the region’s seasonal changes. This is hardly surprising given that the winters in the area can be quite harsh, causing roads and even businesses to close down on occasion.

As for the West Coast, it is largely free from the weather extremes that the east is subject to and one wardrobe is generally suitable for the whole year. There are always rains to consider of course, although most residents find it pretty manageable.

Lifestyle And Residential Practices

East Coast residents are fortunate in that there are numerous options for entertainment, shopping and travel available. In addition, they always have the option to travel to the east when the weather gets too aloof. Many of the residents of the area also opt for multi-story home designs with generally more space at lower costs than their western counterparts.

The West Coast redeems itself with plenty of space however, with three of its states actually spanning the entire coast. Unfortunately, residents of the areas towards the Northern Coast of California will have to do a lot of driving in order to get to anywhere with halfway decent entertainment or shopping spots. As can be expected given the generally favorable climate, much of the activity in the West Coast is focused on the outdoors.

Historical Significance

The East Coast is positively packed with numerous reminders of the glorious past of the region, as well as of the entire country. Many of the businesses and residential units are actually located in historic old buildings and there are numerous celebrations held to honor famous personalities or notable events.

The West Coast for its part is generally limited to historical events in California, most of which have to do with Spanish and Indian cultures and most of the holidays are national in scope. Furthermore, while there are quite a few homes dating back to the 1800s, few of them are significant to the early history of the country.


East Coast

  • Many residents have adapted their lifestyles to conform to the seasons
  • Extremely severe winters can cause roads and businesses to be closed down
  • Plenty of entertainment and shopping options nearby
  • Many homes are multi-level

West Coast

  • No distinguishable seasons
  • Little to no snow in the winter
  • Plenty of open space
  • Extensive freeway network
  • Many places are far from quality entertainment and shopping
  • Many homes adopt ranch style design

Which is the Best Coast?
  • East Coast
  • West Coast

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  • Guest
  • molly wrote on May 2010

I have bookmarked this folio to save the agitation of Googling you afresh on the Big "G".Very

nice commodity .Man add some posts like this and you will be .....ahumm ahummm .Ty

East Coast is colorful, great seasons and diversified. West Coast is black & white ,sucky weather. The life is beautiful in East Coast.

The West Coast has sucky weather? Um sure, if you consider year round sunshine "sucky"? There's a reason snowbirds from the East Coast, Midwest and Canada come out West EVERY SINGLE WINTER! The West also has far more iconic and legendary things, from the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas to Disneyland. We have better weather, better jobs, hotter girls, and as I mentioned, better touristy places and entertainment. We have VEGAS, you have Atlantic City (LOL), we have DISNEYLAND, KNOTT'S BERRY FARM, SEA WORLD, UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, SIX FLAGS, LEGOLAND ECT, you have Rye Playland (an amusement park very few people outside of New York have ever heard of) and we have the GRAND CANYON, the #1 wonder of the world. We have palm trees and sunny, beautiful weather year round and you have 3 months of summer with 9 months grey skies, a bunch of crumbling ancient buildings, and jobs that don't pay sh*t.

  • Guest
  • Samuel Miles wrote on August 2011

I just love the ocean or water front.

  • Guest
  • gay wrote on January 2018


This seems pretty biased. I live in San Francisco and its extraordinary. Cuisine is second to none. Weather is amazing in California, year-round. The scenery is on a grand scale. Both coasts have redeeming qualities.

Agreed with Natalie, the San Francisco bay area and Greater Los Angeles have huge amounts of entertainment, shopping, and culture. Who ever wrote this has limited knowledge of real west coast culture.

  • Guest
  • gay wrote on January 2018

you also ****

  • Guest
  • Bill wrote on October 2015

incidentally West coast seems to have





Santa Anna

Drought and many people who escaped the east?

  • Guest
  • donna wrote on August 2016

also we don't gave hurricanes on the west coast. I live in the west and visit the east. where I live in wash state I have LOADS of snow. I live on 5 acres of forest in the MOUNTAINS which the east coast doesn't have. yep we have earthquakes, wildfires, and don't forget Volcanoes but when I drive over one of the majestic mtn passes esp in the winter its an absolute WONDERLAND! so much skiing and winter sports.

  • Guest
  • Ty wrote on August 2018

West Coast has too much air pollution, and bad traffic. Dry weather starts devastating fires, and the potential for earthquakes. The East Coast is so much green, and diverse. I was born in North Carolina. Cost of living is pretty cheap, and there are many things to see and do

  • Guest
  • Mark wrote on October 2019

It is obvious you have never seen any pictures of anything but LA. There are massive amounts of seascapes on the West Coast that has never been developed - where as in the East Coast they build all the way up the beaches everywhere on the East Coast - there paces on the coast of California for more than 100 miles and all you will see is an occasional house. There are the vast tracks of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and other mountain ranges that are covered in green tres and fresh air - same with the sea coast of California, Oregon and Washington - stay out of the big cities and you will find tons more space, trees and clear air

  • Guest
  • Mel wrote on April 2019

I think it’s mainly about the people... east coast wins! family-oriented , fun, educated, and creative people... west coast seems laid back and highly materialistic ... no thanks.

  • Guest
  • Mark wrote on October 2019

That is not my experience in New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Boston, to name just a few - you can find all of what you listed in many places on the West Coast - just stay away from the major cities - alsmost all major cities in the US are very much alike in that regards

  • Guest
  • Elmore wrote on August 2019

I live on the East coast and have not been to the West coast so I do not have direct knowledge to make a comparison. However I asked a guy from Colorado that I worked with, who lived on both coasts, which coast was better? He said he liked people from the East coast better because they were more upfront with him. East coast people speak their minds and don’t give a damn what other people think.

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