Disneyland vs. Disneyworld

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Difference between Disneyland and Disneyworld

Many people who grew up going to Disneyland have wondered if the newer and bigger Disneyworld offers something extra that they may be missing out on. It is an important question worth asking as for so many years, Disneyland was the place to be as far as family-oriented entertainment goes. Nevertheless, it appears that Disneyworld does pose a considerable challenge and it just may offer a number of advantages over Disneyland. Let's take a closer look!



Right out the starting gate, Disneyworld takes the clear lead in this category. Disneyland doesn't have that many on-property hotels for instance and the few that they do have are quite expensive. At Disneyworld however, visitors have a number of quality accommodations to choose from with many of them being quite affordable. Disneyland patrons that opt to stay off property will have to walk into the park or take a shuttle, neither of which compare to the distinct advantage of having your hotel right where all the action is.

Sights and Scenery

It is probably not fair to make this comparison as Disneyworld is a lot bigger than Disneyland, but one thing that is immediately noticeable about the newer park is how much lush greenery there is and what gorgeous natural features there are. Particularly attractive was how the trees, water and foliage come together in grace and harmony.

Disneyworld does have its share of less impressive sights to be sure and the vast expanses of concrete parking lots are eyesores that both have in common. Nevertheless, Disneyworld does a better job of making you forget that there is a world out there outside the magical Disney one.

Features and Attractions

Of course for sheer breadth and range, Disneyworld again has Disneyland beat. Four or five days should be enough to see everything that Disneyland has to offer in most cases, but that would only give you enough time to explore a fraction of all the features of Disneyworld. The sheer immensity of the place is truly awesome to behold and if you have been accustomed to the size of the Disneyland lot for all these years, a visit to Disneyworld may just overwhelm your senses. 



  • Most of the hotels charge higher rates than off-property hotels
  • Guests who stay off-property will have to walk or take a shuttle to get into the resort
  • Far fewer transportation options available
  • The monorail isn't actually used for transport throughout the park


  • Offer numerous hotel choices on-property, many of them at very affordable rates
  • Offers a wealth of transportation options
  • Features a new tram system
  • The monorail does transport you from one point to another in the park
  • Extensive monorail system with plenty of trains all the time
  • Also has an excellent bus system
Which park is more fun to visit?
  • Disneyland
  • Disneyworld

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