GoToMyPC vs. Remote Desktop vs. LogMeIn

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Difference between GoToMyPC, Remote Desktop and LogMeIn

In today’s ever changing world the Internet has become an essential rather than a necessary utility. With the use of the web and proper networking, you could potentially gain control of the network, especially if you are the administrator of PCs. Some great software developers have come up with an idea that allows a user to control another PC from afar. There are three types of these software and they are the remote desktop, gotomypc, and logmein software. All of these programs provide the user remote access from their computers via the Internet. It could pose a great security risk to some but can be very useful and convenient to others.

Remote Desktop

Mode of Use

As of present, Microsoft has named the RDP as remote desktop services, which was known in the past as terminal services. The software that enables this function is called remote desktop connection at present. When it was terminal services, the software that activates it was called terminal services client. Originally developed by Expertcity, gotomypc is a software specializing in remote control service that allows a certain user to operate, access and modify their computer through the use of another computer via the Internet. The logmein is another type of remote access software that allows a user to modify their PC via the Internet. It has a variety of versions which are specifically designed for a certain product like the logmein free which is absolutely free access software, the logmein pro2 which provides the user with additional options like online chat features, file management and remote sound. Another version would be the logmein ignition which is an add-on program that allows a user to remotely access their PC without the use of Internet connection.


The RDP, or remote desktop protocol, is a program invented by Microsoft, which functions by giving a certain user an interface of another PC. There are currently three editions of gotomypc. These are the Personal edition, the corporate edition and the pro edition. The corporate edition is the ultimate edition wherein service management capabilities are at its prime. In 2007, the 6th version of the corporate edition was released, adding more user functions such as remote printing, remote sounds and other useful features. The logmein program has other versions which include the logmein ignition for iPhone and iPod touch, the logmein central, logmein IT reach, logmein rescue, logmein hamachi2, logmein backup, and the logmein express.


RDP is compatible to almost every Microsoft Windows Operating Systems including other operating systems such as Windows Mobile, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, and other new operating systems. The gotomypc software works by allowing a user to access their PC with any operating system by logging in to the gotomypc website. The logmein program is compatible with almost all newer operating systems.


  • The remote desktop protocol, developed by Microsoft, is a program that allows a user to gain access and interface of their PC through another computer.
  • The gotomypc software is a remote access program that allows a user to access their computer via the Internet and it has some other features that are available like remote printing and remote sounds.
  • The logmein software also gives access to a remote PC via the Internet and has the most extensive versions available.

Comparison of GoToMyPC and Remote Desktop and LogMeIn Video

Which service works best?
  • GoToMyPC
  • Remote Desktop
  • LogMeIn

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  • andrew . 3+ yrs. ago

I haven't used GoToMyPC, but LogMeIn makes it easier than RDP to setup sessions outside your network. TurboMeeting has the same ease of setup and adds more security including the ability to limit remote session access to computers in your network (with a way to set exceptions).

  • Alexendra Dill . 3+ yrs. ago

Another very good remote support option is: R-HUB remote support servers. It is an on premise solution which works from behind the firewall, hence better security.

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