Ayurveda vs. Homeopathy vs. Naturopathy

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Difference between Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Naturopathy

Alternative medicine is a practice of healing that deviates itself from the conventional western medicine type of cure. By conventional, we mean the traditional way of healing like surgery, rehabilitation and medicine intake. Alternative medicine up to the present times has yet to prove their stability and effectiveness in curing ailments. These healing techniques are based on culture, compared to traditional medicine which is based on science. There are a lot of alternative procedures that have evolved over time including Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Naturopathy. All these alternative techniques are premised on the fact that the body can be healed through herbal treatments and proper health and spiritual state.


Ayurveda is an alternative medicine which, in Sanskrit means “the science of life”. This alternative medicine originated from the Indian Subcontinent and it has become one of the most widely used alternative treatment programs in major parts of South Asia. During the Vedic era in India, the first writing of Aryuveda (Sushruta Samhita and Charaka Samhita) was among the first healing practices they founded. On the other hand, homeopathy is another type of alternative medicine which originated in Germany and was instituted in 1796 by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann. The premise of this alternative treatment is that the cure is shaken forcefully due to their belief that the chemical imbalance will fade when diluted. Naturopathy, also known as natural medicine is an alternative medicine hailing in Europe which makes minimal use of herbs and surgery. Instead, this approach is more holistic.


Ayurveda has cultivated its practices through Hinduism and Buddhism which believes that everything should be done in regulation. Food intake, medicine intake, sexual intercourse and other activities that are taken more than regular could lead to illness. The keyword of Ayurveda is balance – balance in everything that we do which follows the healthy balance of the body. Homeopathy has its substances prepared in connection with the ailment it is supposed to heal. This is often called “remedy” for this practice and it makes use of a collection of medicinal images and index of diseases as their guide to making the right treatment. Naturopathy on the other hand makes use of natural healing aids rather than herbs and surgeries.


Ayurveda makes use of various surgical procedures, massage, herbs and yoga for their treatment. Homeopathy makes use of synthetic substances, minerals, plants and animal extracts to cure illnesses. Naturopathy bases its remedies from natural treatments or the “healing power of nature” to cure various ailments.


  • Ayurveda is an alternative medicine which believes in the premise of balance. It suggests that we should take everything with regulation in order for us to stay healthy.
  • Homeopathy makes use of different substances from plants and animals, and it might not be suitable for all people especially those who have allergies and adverse reactions to these types of medicines.
  • Naturopathy is one of the safest alternative medicine there is for it makes use of the so called “healing power of nature” to heal illnesses.

Which therapy is most effective for you?
  • Ayurveda
  • Homeopathy
  • Naturopathy

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