Costco vs. BJ's

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Difference between Costco and BJ's

We regularly pick up groceries and buy food simply by going to a grocery store and picking out what we need. In addition, we often look for grocery stores that offer bargain prices on groceries. The most popular of these grocery stores are wholesale grocery stores, which are larger than your average grocery store and have a variety of products under one roof. Wholesale grocery stores offer consumers huge discounts on almost anything that's available in their store.However, as a condition to receive these discounts, one must sign up for an annual membership which often comes in a form of a membership card, which you must pay for on an annual basis. Two of the most popular wholesale grocery stores are Costco and BJ's.


Revenue and Net Income

Revenue can tell a lot about a business and how fast it's expanding. Revenue, is a good way to gauge a business’s overall financial health. When it comes to having the most revenue, Costco certainly takes the cake. Costco's average yearly revenue is predicted at $71.4 billion dollars with a net income of $1.06 billion dollars, while BJ's annual revenue stands at $10 billion dollars with a net income of $132 million dollars approx.


The number of employees that a company hires makes a great difference in a community since a large employer becomes a staple in it’s community. Large stores such as these can offer more employment opportunity and aid the financial prosperity of a community. That said, when it comes to having the most employees, Costco once again takes the cake. Costco is predicted at having 147,000 employees, while BJ's has around 23,500 employees.

International Locations

When it comes to having locations worldwide, Costco is recorded as having locations in Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Australia. On the other hand, BJ's only has locations in the United States.

Company Background

Costco is an American company which is headquartered in Issaquah, Washington, and is rated the third largest company in the United States and the ninth largest in the world. It was founded by James Sinegal (CEO). While, BJ's is also an American company headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts, it is ranked 269 out of 500 companies according to Fortune magazine. Laura Sen is the current CEO of BJ's.


  • Discount grocery stores are a great place to find bargains on food and other items. Two of the most popular chains are Costco and BJ's which are know to offer great discounts on everything that's located in their store, provided you signup for annual membership.
  • Out of the two chains Costco has the most revenue and income.
  • When it comes to hiring the most people, Costco is reported to have more employees than BJ's.
  • Costco has several international locations, while BJ's is only located in the United States.
  • Both companies are headquartered in the United States and guided by highly competent CEO(s).


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  • Angela . 3+ yrs. ago

While I like Costco, I pass BJ's every day. The advantages of BJs are that they accept manufacturers coupons, they have more in-store coupon books, one of ours has a gas station, and we get rebates for our purchases. Costco, as does Sam's, has a better selection of prepared foods, even though one of our BJs now is getting better. They are also cleaner than BJs and usually hire adults. However, BJs is an employer that does hire high school students, and that group often has a hard time getting jobs.

  • Pstiller . 3+ yrs. ago

Stupid comparison unless u r looking to invest

  • E. Morgan . 3+ yrs. ago

Thank You!! I'm reading this like... oooookkkk. Absolutely Useless! Just stupid.

  • skip . 3+ yrs. ago

I am a member of all the big three, and I am not going to renew one or perhaps even two of them this year, I have taken several years to decide so that I would feel good about my decision. While Sam's is the closest to me, and BJ's is about 9 miles away, I will not rule out costco even though the closest is 32 miles each way. As far as appearance, I think costco is leading the pack, BJ's is second, and same is last. As far as cleanliness, again Costco leads the pack with BJ's 2nd but could be a tie, and agin sam's comes in last. As far as the employees and ratings Costco again wins the 1st prize, with BJ's 2nd and Sam's again last. In regards to selection not only largest, but better quality, While I would like to say Costco it would not be fair, as I have costco and BJ's in a tie, with same not close, In regards to my conscience and where and how I spend my money not only what is best for me, but for my community and the nation, again I have Costco, and BJ's in a tie and same not in the hunt. While sam's offers me the most convince, and less travel and fuel, I find that not as important as other things. As of now, it looks like I will definitely be dropping sam's, and am not sure if I will keep the others or just one. My memberships all expire within a month of each other, and I have about four months to make that decision. However I would like to say this is just my opinion and may not fit your buying or other circumstances. If Costco were just a little closer this would not be a tough decision but that far away on a winters day with ice and snow is a factor. That is why I will probably keep and shop at both Costco, and BJ's, I will most likely rate Costco first BJ's second and sam's not in the hunt.

  • Shopaholic Not . 3+ yrs. ago

I have found both stores to be great. I also like the idea of buying gas at the wholesale club, where available. For a while it looked like Costco was more bc they had what appeared to be an upline, nicer things that cost more.

As 1 we discussed at a family dinner, most of us did not need to have the fancier stuff for more. Maybe that has changed. If you can do both memberships you probably have a great variety of items.

  • mark . 3+ yrs. ago

here is my take on all of that

Costco BJ's


Huggies and store brand Pampers and others

prepackaged groceries better Larger selection of groceries

Limited payment selection Larger selection for payment

Better deals on the 4000 items more than 4000 items

Takes manufacture coupons

on line presents better

Different levels of membership depending on need

more food selection

more household selection

  • Shelly . 3+ yrs. ago

I have been a sams member for about 4-5 years. The quality has gone down once I purchased fish keep smelling something rotten on way home it was fish was rotten. Then I purchased large pack pork chops top two rows meat nice.,last row scrape meats not pork chops. Lettuce often rotten hard to find fresh lettuce. Have check produce carefully for rotten fruit.Parking lot many undesirable people constantly begging for money very scared. Parkinly lot always hard find a spot. This is sams off route forty in Maryland.

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