Natural Beauty vs. Cosmetic Beauty

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Difference between Natural Beauty and Cosmetic Beauty

Natural beauty and cosmetic beauty are both achieved throughout the world. Cosmetic beauty happens by using many facial products, make up, and even surgeries to make people look the way they want to look. Natural beauty, on the other hand, is the beauty that god gave you. It’s when you wake up and brush your hair, wash your face and look amazing. Some subtle make up can be worn like lip stick or eye liner and still be considered natural beauty. It’s only when putting on tons of make up or getting surgery that one is coined to be a cosmetic beauty. For instance, a natural beauty could be an actress who is encouraged to wear a lot of makeup in public for the sake of photographers and television cameras.

Natural Beauty
Cosmetic Beauty


People who wear tons of make up spend quite a lot of money on it annually. Everything from the mascara, to hair dye, eye liner, lip liner, wigs or hair extensions, wigs, lip stick, eye shadow, blush and the list goes on forever. All of these products burn a deep hole in a person’s pocket. A natural woman or man however, spends barely any money on these products. They generally wake up, wash their face, and might throw on a little lip stick or eye liner. The amount of money they spend for products is minuscule compared to someone who wants to use cosmetics to look their best.


Time is a big factor between a natural and cosmetic man and woman. When you don’t have to put stuff all over your face to look beautiful, getting up and ready for your day is one, two, three. Imagine how long it takes to put that entire collection of make up and face stuff on? It can take a woman over two hours to get ready when they have to do their hair, make up, shower and everything else in the morning or before a date. This puts a nice big damper on being on time or having enough time to go somewhere.


Having to spend a good portion of your day applying things to make yourself look good can and usually is a huge hassle. It means having to always check to make sure you still “look good” or check to see that your make up did not run. If you are naturally gorgeous or only believe in being naturally gorgeous then there’s not much hassle aside from getting up, showering and getting dressed. This lets for a stress free morning and even being able to catch a few extra minutes of sleep before going to work or going out on a date!

Similarities and Differences

  • A natural beauty costs much less than a cosmetic beauty does because the price of make up products are very expensive and going up every day.
  • Someone who uses cosmetics is liable to take hours longer to get ready for work and daily life because of the time consuming make up applying process.
  • A person who is naturally beauty will live a less stressful life trying to apply make up, match make up, and spend more time shopping for make up and hair dye.
  • Natural beauty can alternatively be thought of as an aura exuded by a person as a result of inner grace and ease. When a person lets their personality shine, appearances dim in comparison to the light other’s feel in their company. 

Which one you select for your life partner?
  • Natural Beauty
  • Cosmetic Beauty

Discuss It: comments 6

I will for sure go for the natural beauty. Anything natural to me is the best. It is what our Creator has designed and made for us. But I do not question the integrity of those going for cosmetic surgery. If they can afford to do that, then they have the freedom. And there are a lot of them who look more beautiful after having gone through cosmetics. But I would still go for what is natural.

  • Guest
  • Heather wrote on September 2010

natural = awesome!

  • Guest
  • Brian Piscopo wrote on September 2010

But now a days natural = extinct

Come out of your closet Mr.Brian...

  • Guest
  • adelade wrote on October 2016

yes I agree, keep it simple and natural. to me this is the sexiest look. no body wants to kiss a clown.

  • Guest
  • Product Make Up Beauty wrote on February 2012

I personally prefer that women not wear makeup. because it is more natural look in terms of her own

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