Egypt vs. Peru

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Difference between Egypt and Peru

For vacation destinations that bring out the best that history has to offer, Egypt and Peru are pretty hard to beat. Both are home to some of the most stunning sights the world has ever known and an Egyptian or Peruvian vacation is something that you definitely will not forget. If you have been stressing out having to decide between the two for your next overseas jaunt, this guide should help clear up some things and give you more solid information upon which to base your decision on.


Getting There And Getting Around

Since the economy of Egypt relies in large part on the tourism industry, it is quite easy for travelers to obtain entry visas. The gas prices are also quite inexpensive, and this makes driving a cost effective solution for getting around. While traveling by train is also a good idea, you will have to ensure long waits at railway stations in order to buy tickets. You may also opt to take any one of the many buses available.

Visas into Peru are also easy to obtain, and most travelers will be given a 90-day tourist visa upon entry. You could get around the city easily enough via the many buses and taxis. Although the main roads are generally good, some areas can only be reached by dirt roads that can be rough to traverse. You may also opt to travel by train, although make sure you get tickets well in advance and go first-class whenever possible.

What To Do

Of course a visit to Egypt should include stops at the noted archaeological sites such as the Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum, Saqqara, Dashur, and the West Bank side of the Nile. Nevertheless, there are also many places to do some shopping.

As for Peru, wildlife remains one of the biggest draws, and with the majority of worldwide animal species present in the country, you can bet that there is plenty of wildlife to see. In fact, Peru is home to more than 30% of the entire global bird species.

Buying Stuff

Egypt is great place to do some shopping, particularly for local faux artifacts and souvenirs. There are also loads of higher-ticket merchandise around, most of which are great deals provided you do a bit of bargaining.

Peru also a great option for the budget traveler with accommodations being so very inexpensive. Eating out is also very low cost and in fact you can live on as little as $15 a day and still have a pretty good time.



  • Dependence on tourism means visas are easy to obtain
  • Gas prices are relatively inexpensive
  • Good bus facilities
  • Some of the most impressive sights in the world
  • Plenty of shopping opportunities
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Travelers from countries such as North America, Australia, Japan, and the European Union can get a 90-day visa easily
  • Amazingly rich and varied wildlife
  • Plenty of buses and taxis in the city
  • Some good roads but still many hard to manage dirt roads
  • You can manage on a very low budget
Which is most exotic vacation destination?
  • Egypt
  • Peru

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  • Samuel wrote on May 2010

My lips are sealed. When I travel for , I always like to stay under the radar as you get to observe better, and for the most part I think the truly rich and famous are the same. I imagine being really famous must be a royal pain in the butt – incognito is the new luxury.

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