Bali vs. Fiji

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Difference between Bali and Fiji

Bali and Fiji are two destinations that often come up when we talk about escaping to a beautiful south Pacific island paradise. After all, these places are home to some of the most hands down gorgeous sights you will ever see in the world, and if you are looking for a vacation paradise that will be the setting for some truly memorable experiences, you can hardly do better than Bali and Fiji. Both are remarkably blessed with numerous sights and things to do, of course, so which one will you choose? This comparison should help you make a more informed decision!


Things To Do

Bali is all about world-class surfing and diving...well not just limited to those two activities, of course, although they do make up the bulk of the islands' tourist activities. In addition, there are also loads of cultural attractions that are well worth setting aside time for, and there are always things to do and places to see whether you are backpacking your way or you are staying in one of the more exclusive resorts.

Fiji offers many of the same water-oriented activities as well, with the added attraction of biking besides. In fact, Fiji is by most accounts one of the best places for rugged bike tours. Don't forget to check out the numerous cafes and small restaurants too, with predictably delicious and inexpensive meals on the menu.

Where To Stay

Travelers to Bali never have to worry about a place to stay, with it being the most tourist friendly spot in Indonesia. Options for accommodations range from dirt-cheap $5 pensions to lavish homes costing thousands of dollars a day. Travelers on a strict budget may be drawn to Kuta, although upping your budget a bit can get you better accommodations at Nusa Dua, Ubud and Jimbaran.

As for Fiji, you should be able to get by well enough on the local room rates, which are easy enough to obtain if you book your stay in person and you are able to show proof of local residence. The Raffles Tradewinds is also a good option for a place to stay.


Aside from the beaches and the natural attractions, one other thing Bali has going for it is the shopping. If you are on the lookout for trinkets, statues or even fashion items, there is sure to be one or two things to grab your fancy. And with the extreme affordability of most merchandise on the islands, you may well get carried away when doing your shopping! Of course you can cut your expenses even further by bargaining, which is par for the course in many of the smaller shops.

Fiji is unfortunately saddled with a high inflation rate, so you could expect to pay the same prices as you would in the tourist spots of Australia.



  • Focuses on surfing and diving
  • A wealth of cultural, historical and archaeological destinations
  • Plenty of places to stay
  • Suitable for low-budget travelers as well as the wealthy
  • Numerous shopping options
  • Inexpensive prices


  • Plenty of cheap and excellent food, although there are also places best avoided
  • Ideally suited for all types of biking activities from sightseeing to rugged bike tours
  • Huge discounts available on simple accommodations
  • Inflation is quite high
  • Expect to pay prices similar to that in Australia's tourist spots
Which island is more alluring?
  • Bali
  • Fiji

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