Spock vs. Kirk

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Difference between Spock and Kirk

Star Trek seems to be one of those shows that everyone has watched whether they liked it or not. The familiarity we all have with that show is probably due to the influence it had on those who responded to it in earlier days, but the fact is, it is a show we are all familiar with. When we first watched the shows, we are struck by the strange friendship we find between the two lead characters, Spock and Kirk. Where people may think they are two separate identities, if you see to it, they become a whole whenever they come together. From strategies, bravado, and logic, the battle between Spock and Kirk evolves.


The Evident

The character of Spock is shown as a strict and cerebral alien that is on a space ship full of aliens and humans and is usually misunderstood as he deals with his lonely life on-board the star ship. Kirk is the space cowboy who is shown as a model military commander, similar to an officer from the World War II era who faithfully adheres to interstellar peace principles. Both have different personalities and come from different conditions and this is exactly what makes them both strong characters of Star Trek.

Their Personalities

Where Spock is misunderstood most of the time, we can see him become flexible when it comes to dealing with his superior and friend, Kirk. Due to this friendship, a completely new side of Spock is shown and the audience is given a new angle from which to view him. Kirk, on the other hand, has the boldness and ego evident in most leaders and with his outgoing personality; it is easy for him to draw people towards him so make new friends in each episode. On board the star ship, he segregates himself fearing that anyone knowing him too well will cause others to lose respect for him or somehow make him uncomfortable. In this way, like Spock, he is an alien in the body of a human. Where Kirk is spontaneous, Spock has plans. Spock has flawless logic and Kirk is bravely hasty. This shows the best of both worlds to the audience. This also remains to be the reason for the division of fans. Do they want planning or brashness? 

The Hype

The reason these characters are compared with each other in this contest of ‘who is most popular?' is due to the audience's enthusiasm for identifying with their favorite character. One can choose not to decide which side to take and become more inclined to like the spark of life in both Kirk and Spock since both characters have qualities we can admire collectively. Audiences remain divided to quite an extent but the favorite is likely to be Kirk due to his impulsive personality and the popularly magnetic persona he portrays.


When it comes to Star Trek, fans can't really compare the newer series with the original. We can never forget the ultimate joy we had with the fantastical trips led by Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk. My favorite is Kirk.

  • Kirk's spontaneous attitude is the most attractive thing about him. Everything is at the spur of the moment with Kirk whereas with Spock, strategy is required.
  • Kirk has everything a military officer should have: the confidence, the speech and the bravado. The whiff of superiority he has is much appreciated as this makes his subordinates listen and respect him and his commanding presence.
  • Kirk always has the best interests of his charges in mind as his space travels have begun to balance his soul. His always successful relations with endless varieties of space alien beings has begun to ease his tormented and flirtatious mind.

Then and Now - Kirk gets Spock Angry Again...

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  • Kirk . 3+ yrs. ago

Kirk vs Spock is heart vs brain, and as you see in the movies you need both, but the real difference is the heart, the intuition, the decisions tha Kirk made and spock never understand always resolve the problem and make the team succesfull. Even in the first chapter Kirk defeat Spock in chess, that's because Kirk played ilogicaly (as Spock said)

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