Nike vs. Adidas

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Difference between Nike and Adidas

Both Nike and Adidas are well known sportswear firms that have become household names of sorts throughout many parts of the world. The undisputed giants of the sportswear and sports equipment industries, consumers can generally expect quality products from the two brands. Nevertheless, there are instances wherein one may be the better option over the other, and the factors that go into making such a decision do not always have anything to do with the quality of the products. Let's take a look at some of the factors that may influence your purchase decision in the future.


Sponsorships And Market Focus

Nike has always come in ahead of Adidas in terms of celebrity sponsorships, although to its credit, Adidas has taken considerable steps to narrow the gap. Nike still has the edge over its competition in terms of sales however, and it remains to be seen whether Adidas will catch up any time soon.

In terms of market focus, Nike has a more varied line-up, comprised of basketball and running shoes, as well as cross-training products. Among the different brands under the Nike umbrella are Umbro, Converse and Cole Haan.

Adidas for its part currently offers products that are geared primarily towards the soccer, tennis and general athletics markets. Among the companies in Adidas' roster are Reebok, Taylor Made and Rockport.

Market Strategies

Nike remains firmly focused on the domestic market, although it has made inroads into the lucrative international soccer market fairly recently. The company is also considered largely responsible for the frenzy of athlete sponsorship that the industry is known for today. All of this ties in with Nike's dominance of the advertising and marketing aspects of the business, a hold that the company will likely retain for the foreseeable future.

Adidas on the other hand has traditionally focused on the European market, although it is a formidable name in the rest of the world as well. This is mainly due to the company's affiliation with soccer, which is widely considered to be "the" International sport. The company has recently taken steps to increase its marketing and advertising budget, and has even made inroads into the lucrative sports equipment and sportswear markets.

Outsourcing Policies

Nike isn't really a production company per se, and almost all of its products are outsourced to various countries in Asia, particularly Taiwan and Korea, which in turn outsource production to still other Asian countries, among them China, Indonesia and Vietnam. The company does have a home office in Beaverton, and it is there that Nike products are designed, developed and marketed.

Adidas recently adopted a similar approach, with virtually all the design and development work being handled in Germany, and production being outsourced to Asian countries as well. This move has helped Adidas remain competitive in the industry.

Similarities and Differences


  • More focused on the local market
  • More effective advertising and marketing
  • Recently updated the look of its line
  • Offers custom product lines
  • Excellent website support for custom options
  • All production is outsourced


  • More focused on the European market
  • Specializes in soccer, tennis, and athletics
  • Recently expanded its product line to include sports equipment and clothing
  • Recently updated its production for increased efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Production is outsourced to Asian countries

Nike and Adidas Video

Which brand of shoes has better ads?
  • Nike
  • Adidas

Discuss It: comments 79

Usually i buy adidas product more than nike.for all nike is expensive,but the quality is better than other brand like adidas or reebok in fact.i don't like the recent nike advertisement acted by nba player James,which is extrem against chinese archaic culture.especially the dragon the symbol of China and a Taoist who roots in Archaian China in the ad...lots of chinese yas oppose to the advertisement consumingly when it played on TV.

  • Guest
  • James wrote on October 2019

But Chinese people can make racist Laundry advertisements about black people

nike shoes are just too narrow. adidas is better in my book.

i like very much addidas bcz it is atrractive and very comfertable to wear

I prefer Adidas. It has better quality products. Last longer and more confortable!

  • Guest
  • Chris wrote on December 2015

I recently had a pair of Adidas that didn't last 6 months. I also have running shorts that torn after 3 weeks. My Nike's have lasted over 3 years and some of my pants are over 4 years old without showing any signs of wear. Adidas is by far the worst quality available on the market..

  • Guest
  • Alex wrote on September 2016

If your shoes fell apart within six months (due to wear and tear) then you are eligible for a replacement.

addidas sucks

  • Guest
  • Chris wrote on December 2015

I fully agree... Worst quality..

I dissagree, I have nike items that are over 8 years old. Recently I have 6 adidas items that failed in quality that did not last 1 year...

I m big Nike fan, no matter how expensive they are......

Nike is more marketing and advertising. Addidas on the other hand focuses more on the quality of tthe shoes. Although Nike is still very high quality.

Addidas sucks their shoes deffinitly dont compare to nike's

Fully agree...


  • Guest
  • rushil dhinoja wrote on August 2016

You mother **** Nike is waste adidas is best

  • Guest
  • Anwar Kadary wrote on December 2010

Nike soccer shoes are better. Can\t compare mercurials to a Adidas predator but might compare them to f50 & family but still who was the most weare shoe in Wworld cup.. Exactly.

nike goes with fashion , while adidas is just classic adidas for life

Im an adidas fan all day. The quality is better as well as the variety. the only reason Nike is better is because the US is full of a bunch of followers that cant think for theirselves. No one is original anymore. The only thing I can say about NIKE is they put more money into their ad and athletes and they give their athletes more freedom. Adidas hittin with the y-3 and SLVR line as well as the originals by originals lines and everything. yall got anything else to say yall can hit me on twitter. @ad1mxnst3r #buymoreadidas #teamadidas

you are gayyyyyyyyyyyy!


me and my Adidas do the illest things

we like to stomp out pimps with diamond rings

we slay all suckers who perpetrate

and lay down law from state to state

we travel on gravel, dirt road or street

I wear my Adidas when I rock the beat

on stage front page every show I go

it's Adidas on my feet high top or low

My Adidas..

My Adidas..



Nike can su*k... forever.

If you have some time try the new adidas micoach system! Crazy Fantastic.

Go Filippo go. I like it.

You got dat right!

NIke is anyday better dan adidas..

nike sucks!!!!! hardcore


  • Guest
  • rushil dhinoja wrote on August 2016


I have Nike tennis shoes and Adidas tennis shoes they are both LEGIT but the Adidas shoes are alittle more comfortable.But as of clothes Nike has got adidas beat. If Adidas gets a line that everybody likes then we can have a talk!

adidas all day

i have adidas samba indoor soccer shoes and they go hard

u all r fa***ts form commenting lol

  • Guest
  • Me wrote on April 2019

Ur dumb and stoopid, fanboy. Haha.

Y'all need to get with the program. Quit hatin cuz u cant afford NIKE. NIKE has better style/ varitety plus you can customize your shoes unlike adidas.NIKE is the Sh!t. The worlds biggest manufacturer.

i can afford nike but im never going to buy them because they suck AND you can customize adidas shoes too you retarded piece of ****

  • Guest
  • Nike wrote on May 2014

Is better you are poor bro rich people only can but nike

do not be stupid, you can also customize adidas, try one of these days, if you do not like shoes with quality who will lose money will be you

  • Guest
  • john wrote on April 2012

dipshit you can customize adidas.

Nike handssss down

NIKE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hands down yall

  • Guest
  • Bill gates wrote on March 2011

sparx is the best

Do be honest, i wore nike all my life but recently bought a pair of f50 football boots and honestly i think both brands are quite equal

  • Guest
  • HistoryBuff wrote on April 2011

Here are some facts ya'll know nothing about.

Adidas was the first to sponsor an African American athlete. That's right, Jesse Owens wore Adidas shoes in the 1936 Olympics. All of this happened before Nike even existed.

Also, Nike was founded in 1960 after American troops captured German technology right after WWII. Americans were able to capture tons of highly advanced technology from the Germans after the war, including technology for making athletics wear. It is likely that Nike was founded with some captured technology from Adidas factories after the war.

For these reasons alone, Adidas will always be superior to Nike. Adidas is Nike's daddy.

  • Guest
  • Max Mckeown wrote on October 2011

This is a quite ridiculous post. Nike was founded in 1964, not 1960. WWII ended in the 1945, not the 1960s. Both Adidas brothers were members of the **** part. Nike first sold Japanese shoes then developed it's own with rubber waffle soles. Get your facts right.

  • Guest
  • rosanna989 wrote on December 2011

You both suck ADIDAS was founded in 1924 as Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik but then registered as ADIDAS in 1942 by Adolf Dassler and rename it as ADIDAS...

as for me ADIDAS has the top quality in sportswear, NIKE will more likely pulverized itself even without using it, not like ADIDAS...

nike is expensive and has the worst quality in the world they look like kids shoes very colorful and childish.Adidas makes real shoes out of real leather,they last forever.

both suck

Nike can burn. I hope Nike collapses!!!!!!!



Nike is the best

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