Batman vs. Superman

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Difference between Batman and Superman

We've always been fascinated with superheroes. Perhaps it is part of human nature to take a little bite out of escapism every now and then, to revel in the fantastic lives of superheroes. We are in awe of their double lives, the way in which they narrowly escape being found out, despite the insistence of their supporters to tear away their spandex suits and masks to award them with worship and adoration of their heroism. Perhaps this is the charm of comic books and cartoons-the thrill of the fantasy of saving the world.

DC Comics have produced two of the most popular and well-loved fictional characters: Batman and Superman. Leading lives that are unique and distinct from one another, these two men have uniquely saved the world and its inhabitants from destruction, numerous times. Let's take a look at the two, and what they've contributed to the human race.


Where It All Started

DC Comics is one of the world's leading comic book producers, inspiring screenwriters, musicians and other sorts of artists with the characters they come up with, such as Batman and Superman. It was founded in 1934 by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson-a writer-and during that time it had assumed the name National Allied Publications, which was later on changed to DC (referring to "Detective Comics", the company's most well known series). DC Comics has spawned the Justice League, a team of superheroes which include the two which we are to discuss in this article.

The Dark Knight

Batman, also known as the Dark Knight, is the superhero characterized for his dark batsuit-a suit to imitate the image of bats, a tactic to ward off enemies-which comprises of a black cape, bat-like ears, and the glowing emblem on the chest. He is Bruce Wayne, a wealthy playboy, and he resides in Gotham City, the fictional area characterized by police corruption and the proliferation of criminal families and gangs. Unlike other heroes, Batman does not have extraordinary superpowers and he mostly relies on his intelligence, physical strength and detective expertise.

The Man of Steel

Superman, who is often called Man of Steel or The Last Son of Krypton, is one of, if not the most prominent superhero of the Justice League. He wears a red cape and a suit comprised of blue and yellow, with the letter S printed across the chest. Although he comes from the planet Krypton, he is raised by humans and is raised as Clark Kent, who is to become a hardworking journalist. He has superhuman powers, and is also prominently linked to another journalist named Lois Lane. He lives in Metropolis.

Similarities and Differences

Both Batman and Superman come from the Justice League, a superhero team created by DC Comics.

  • While Batman lives and operates in the fictional city of Gotham City, Superman assumes a secret identity and works as a journalist in Metropolis.
  • Batman does not have any superpowers and relies on his personal strengths, while Superman has Kryptonite gifts that help him win over evil.

What if there were a Batman vs Superman Movie


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  • Andy . 3+ yrs. ago

Superman represents sort of everything clear and bright and noble. He represents our hopes and ideals. Batman, on the other hand, represents the dark and obsessive and vengeful side.

  • Aszionna . 3+ yrs. ago

Picking one that is better is bs

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