Apples vs. Oranges

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Difference between Apples and Oranges

God created countless varieties of fruits growing all over the world. Oranges and apples are among the most popular of these fruits. Millions of tons of both apples and oranges are consumed from humans around the world in many forms. They are not in taken as food elements only but instead they are also used in much other functionality as well. Apples and oranges both are said to have originated from Asia: apple from the central parts of the continent while oranges from the southeast regions.



100 grams of both apples and oranges provides with 218 kJ and 192 kJ of energy respectively. Apple though dominates in the energy content values but one thing that apple lacks is acidity as one of the major component of oranges is citric acid. The pH reading of orange is somewhat 2.5-3.0 and this is essential element in the body as for creating a nutritional balance. Apple is a fluid rich fruit and 85.56 grams of 100 grams of apples is liquid.

Vitamin Content

A major constituent of orange is vitamin C that composes 75 % of the nutritional count of an orange while apple contains only 8% of it. Compare in terms of vitamin content, orange is more vitamin rich than apple. The vitamin proportion present in oranges is more than that in the apples though the vitamin A is a distinction for apples and is not present in the orange.

Human Consumption

64.25 million tons of apples while 61.7 million tons of oranges are annually produced around the world with China and Brazil leading the market in terms of most production.

Apple can be canned of juiced and this is the most common form of consumption. Apple wine as well as a couple of alcoholic beverages constitute of apple and its extracts. They are used in many of the deserts. Apple sauce, apple jelly and apple butter are few more products that have apple as a very active ingredient.

Oranges on the other hand is mainly consumed in its purely liquid form. A squeezer or a juicer is used in order to extract juice from orange. Orange oil is another of the products that is extracted by the peel of the orange. Orange marmalade and jelly are some other products in which orange is consumed. Orange extracts are used in beauty equipment as well as to refresh the skin and make it look brighter then before.

Similarities and Differences

Both the natural products have their distinct functionalities and natural components. In a nutshell,

  • If you are after a refreshing fruit with more of the vitamin content especially the Vitamin C that is one of the most important ones then orange is the best choice you can ever made for its high vitamin C content. The calcium content in oranges is another plus point for this fruit to be consumed.
  • If you are after a food with more energy and iron content as to energize your body then apple is the best fruit you can go for from amongst both of them.

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