Windows 7 vs. Windows Vista

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Difference between Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Windows 7 and Vista are operating systems for personal computers and both are made by Microsoft Corporation.  These operating systems can be found of desktop computers, laptop computers, tablet computers and other various types of media centers. Windows 7 is the successor of windows Vista.  Windows Vista was announced July 22, 2005 and was know by the code name long horn. While Windows 7 had been announced on October, 22nd, 2009, which was less than three years after the release of windows Vista. Windows 7 is very similar to windows Vista, however, Windows 7 is known to be a perfected version of Vista, but Windows 7 is not half baked as most people think it is. 

Windows 7
Windows Vista


Using a single computer that had the capability of booting dual operating systems, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are put to the test. The tests show that it took 29 seconds for windows Vista to get to the log in screen. While Windows 7 only took 17 seconds to get to log in screen. After entering a log in password for windows Vista it took 15 seconds to fully load the desktop screen (with no hour glass), while Windows 7 only took a mere 7 seconds to load (with no hour glass).


When windows Vista was first released it was known for its bad reliability. It was more unreliable than Windows XP (the predecessor to Vista). However, Microsoft had released several patches over a period of time to resolve any reliability issues with Vista. Nevertheless, Microsoft had learned their lesson from their mistakes, and started working on Windows 7, so when Windows 7 was released it became an instant hit, because it is far more reliable than windows Vista in every aspect.

User Friendliness

 It may seem that window 7 looks very similar to windows Vista. Make no mistake; Windows 7 is a completely different operating system. Microsoft has made every aspect of Windows 7 more user friendly than Vista's. Examples include better laptop battery management system, friendlier interface, better file folder organization, and all administrative processes require minimal user interference. In addition, all the menu options on Windows 7 have been simplified, so it's quite easy to use for someone who's new to computers.

Similarities and Differences

  • Windows 7 is Windows Vista's successor which was released shortly after Vista.
  • Performance wise Windows 7 is a lot better than Vista, in every aspect.
  • Windows 7 is a lot more reliable than Vista, since Microsoft has learned a lot from the problems that came with Vista, therefore, Microsoft had detailed knowledge on how to make Windows 7 reliable.
  • Windows 7 is a much more user friendly than Vista. Although aesthetics wise they may both look similar, Windows 7 has eliminated user interference and, most administrative processes are done in the background.
  • Windows 7 is basically a perfected version of windows Vista, but Windows 7 was made from the ground up and is not a tweaked version of Vista.
Which OS has better features?
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista

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  • Guest
  • Samantha wrote on April 2010

windows 7 is alot faster than vista and it has a new feature windows xp mode to run programmes what does not work in vista all you need is a prosscer wat can do intel virtualization in my opinion windows 7 is alot better i hate windows xp i was on windows 98 till vista launched windows xp would never resond when programes stopped responding but you still have windows xp mode to run older programes in windows 7

  • Guest
  • Misha Yuri wrote on April 2012

This is a good comparison between Vista and Windows 7. Windows 7 is better than Vista.

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