Water Park vs. Amusement Park

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Difference between Water Park and Amusement Park

What makes us understand better the context of a park in its natural state or semi natural state within a protected area exclusively made for human innovation or mere enjoyment? In certain parks, the fortification of wild life is also provided. With the variety of parks one could find growing there fauna, flora or grass parks. Two of the most exciting types are water parks and amusement parks.

Water Park
Amusement Park


With main focus to provide full enjoyment to the people visiting amusement parks, it is a compilation of various rides and other entertaining resources. An amusement park is distinguished from the basic parks by the amusements structures and the fun play areas with employees helping people of all kinds have the utmost fun.

A further category that can be attributed to amusement park would be the water park with all the fun filled activities of water slides, water playgrounds, rivers, slide down boats, bathing and other water spraying and bathing activities. This category is one of the upcoming ones and therefore is being developed day by day with additions of water innovations built by bright engineers.


The source of amusement parks started with the periodic fairs in England in 1133, in fact it all started during the Elizabethan period. That time the amusement had started as the base for certain attractions like stalls of food, games, amusements, etc.

The beginning of the water parks can be taken back in the late 1940s. In US, the maximum number of water parks can be found of anywhere in the world.


Amusement park offers the best of fun to be found in the summer with their various exciting rides. There you go up and then come down with your heart filled with happiness. Along with the various rides that they offer, spots for relaxation are available. Old people can often have their own stay of relaxation with spas and other treatments offered.

Water parks on the other hand have features that could give anyone a wild day out. Another exciting feature of water parks is the wave pool that generates artificial waves making swimming  a lot more adventurous. The water on the slide that comes with water and tube makes these slides exciting. Boomerangs go is a fun filled activity that pushes tube to the cliff zone and returns like boomerang. A wide variety of water based games and attractions make for a full day of fun in the sun for whole families.

Similarities and Differences

Exciting and fun are the words that represent the state of amusement and water parks.

  • Amusement parks and water parks offer the best of fun times.
  • Want to avoid water, go to amusement park.
  • Want to get into the splash, hit the water park.
  • With all the ways to enjoy of summer day available at each of these places, you can have the most fun outdoors.

Enjoyment is the path to happiness in life and what better then to visit amusement park or the water park.  

Which summer distraction is a better value?
  • Water Park
  • Amusement Park

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