Type A Personality vs. Type B Personality

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Difference between Type A Personality and Type B Personality

Let's explore the various traits that define the Type A and Type B personality. Each of these personality types has distinctive traits expressed by ordinary people and are usually a defining factor in personal health, both mentally and physically. Do you know whether you are Type A or Type B? After expressively stating the specifics of both personality types, you should be able to determine which one of the types fits you best.

Type A and Type B

Type A personalities are typically defined as people who feel impatient and usually they are aggressive and tense, thus, they are constantly irritable. You will see these people of this type constantly on time for work and other schedules. Over achievement and competitiveness is actively promoted and they are usually under duress.

People with Type B personalities are typically laid back people and are generally lacking urgency and don't really feel a need to hurry to do anything. They are generally nicer people and are less competitive. These are the people who are relaxed and take their time to stop and smell the roses.


Type A personalities often overstress their systems and bodies are prone to heart disease. Although, this is only a theory and is not scientifically proven, it is a factor.  Low self-esteem can arise from the failures of people with Type A personality and they cannot handle failure as well as Type B personality. Type B personalities generally take their failures with a grain of salt and slough it off as merely an unpleasant experience. 

Advice for Type A

Having Type A personality can lead to loads of stress and one should educate themselves in how to properly handle the factors. If you have Type A personality, you should start by utilizing time management which will help reduce the impatience and urgency to do things at the last minute. This should give you more control over your time. Set reasonable goals and do not take on more than you can handle; most people with Type A personality can handle the rigid goals but find themselves enduring more stress than is needed. Exercise regularly to relieve some of the tension that results from the effects of this mindset.

Similarities and Differences

  • Type A and Type B personalities can have benefits as well as negative effects on one's life. Type A personality is prone to strokes, depression, low self-esteem, and inability to handle failure.
  • Type B personality may find themselves unsatisfied with their achievements in life in the long run because with low risk comes lower rewards.
  • Understanding the hostility that goes along with a Type A personality is the first step towards making changes to ease internal stress and stress inducers and to making a conscious effort to find balance in everyday life.

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  • amelia . 3+ yrs. ago

expressively stating the specifics of both personality types, you should be able to mold which one of the types fits you top.

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