Intelligence vs. IQ

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Difference between Intelligence and IQ

Intelligence is the ability to learn and discover, to think and to resolve problems where as IQ stand for Intelligence Quotient that means that it calculates an individual's intelligence as specified by an aptitude test. IQ is specified by the influence of humanity, cultural charge, social status of the family and the maximum degree you have.


The Relationship

Where IQ is calculated through the process of conducting different exams known as the intelligence tests and then calculated, intelligence has no basic formula of conducting a person's capabilities. It is just the ability to know your strong points and to apply them in your life in order to achieve something. Intelligence is used on the practical life's approach and IQ cannot be used for occasions such as making a decision as to what career path to choose etc. IQ is just an exam-based assumption that you have and nothing more.

The Contrast

Intelligence comes with different mediums and occasions such as oral, statistical, lasting tempo, confidence, logic, languages, harmonious, interpersonal, reasoned mathematics, intrapersonal etc. The person is well prepared in specific types of areas when it comes to intelligence whereas IQ gives no such options and is just sheer results of acing examination. IQ may tell you which part of studies that you ace in e.g. Math or English, and it is solely related to your education and cannot be included on your everyday life basis.


As the IQ test is set forward to determine the nature of intelligence an individual has, IQ and intelligence are interrelated. IQ tests usually strengthen your belief in yourself regarding aspects such as the literacy a person has, the knowledge of math he/she has without telling a person of other skills that they might have such as cooking abilities, dancing or singing skills, acting, basic instincts, protecting yourself etc. On the other hands, intelligence serves the purpose of doing just about everything else as well and categorizing it for you as well. An intelligent person has more chances of surviving in the war than that one who has a high IQ. That is the main difference between IQ and intelligence: you get to be realistic about one and not the other.

Similarities and Differences

Where a person may think that there is no difference between IQ and intelligence, these two methods of knowing the best f the person are actually two poles apart. Where IQ is a justification of tests and exams, intelligence comes naturally to a person on their own capabilities without having any tests to conduct them. Therefore, in the race of being the best, intelligence wins because:

  • You get to know a lot about yourself without having to rely on a couple of question presented to you and usually, you are not even sure whether you made the right choice of not.
  • Intelligence lets you explore various parts of yourself and then you attain the knowledge of having the potential of doing separate works on your own will and knowing exactly how to include intelligence in your practical life.

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