American cheese vs. Swiss cheese vs. cheddar cheese

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Difference between American cheese, Swiss cheese and cheddar cheese

Believe it or not, cheeses are an integral part of our food pyramid. They provide us with vital nutrition, which contains vitamins and minerals such as calcium, which is vital for bone health. Moreover, some cheeses contain pro biotic(s) which help us fight infections caused by bad bacteria, which can be transmitted through tainted food. In addition, chesses are not only good for you, they also taste great. There are countless varieties of cheeses out there; however, a few of the most popular cheeses around the world are American cheese, Swiss cheese, and cheddar cheese. These cheeses are consumed widely across the globe, and cheeses are often a primary ingredient in a variety of foods that are quite popular around the world.

American cheese
Swiss cheese


American cheese is a sort of a processed cheese that has been named as "American Cheese" in the United States. Swiss cheese is one of the many types of cheeses that originated in Switzerland, and is often popularly known as simply "Swiss cheese". Cheddar cheese first originated from the town of Cheddar, in the United Kingdom. However, now cheddar cheese is manufactured around the world in countries such as Canada, Sweden, Austria, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Much of today's cheddar cheese is processed.


American cheese is usually manufactured using milk, whey, milk fat, as well as milk fat protein. While Swiss cheese is made using fresh milk, fresh yogurt which should contain the bacterium (L. Bulgaricus and S. Thermophiles) as well as ¼ teaspoon of propionibacteruim shermanii culture, In addition, some junket rennet is also added. On the other hand, cheddar cheese is made using completely different techniques which involves heating curd, cutting it into cubes, and draining away the whey, as well as stacking and turning the cheese and storing it in caves for aging process to take effect. This process gives cheddar cheese its distinct flavor.


American cheese is widely popular in the United States and Canada. These cheeses are wildly popularly used as a topping on burgers, on Macaroni and cheese, on grilled cheeseburger and the like. While cheddar cheese originates from the United Kingdom, it is quite popularly consumed around the world. Cheddar cheese is popularly used in foods such as soups, soufflé's, cheddar melts and grilled sourdoughs. Likewise Swiss cheese is also enjoyed around the world and is popularly used in deli sandwiches, burgers, grilled Swiss cheese burgers, and so on.

Similarities and Differences

  • Cheeses are a great source of nutrition, which are a vital part of our daily diets, and consumed popularly around the globe.
  • American cheese refers to processed cheese in the United States
  • Swiss cheese is one of the many cheeses from Switzerland and is popularly known simply as "Swiss cheese".
  • Cheddar cheese originated from the town of Cheddar UK is popularly known as cheddar cheese.
  • American and Swiss cheese can be made easily using basic household ingredients; however cheddar cheese processing is more complicated.
  • American, Swiss and cheddar are quite popular throughout the world and are basically manufactured around the world.

American cheese and Swiss cheese and cheddar cheese Video

Which is the tastiest cheese?
  • American cheese
  • Swiss cheese
  • cheddar cheese

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American cheese is NOT popular in Canada. People here don't even know what it is. Also, American cheese is NOT processed cheese slices.. those are just "Amercian Cheese" flavoured. Real American cheese can be purchased at any deli in the United States, with a choice of white American or Yellow American. Real American Cheese is a blend of Colby & cheddar.

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