ACCU-CHEK Blood Glucose Monitor vs. Bayer Contour Glucose Monitor vs. One Touch Ultra 2 Blood Glucose Meter Kit

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Difference between ACCU-CHEK Blood Glucose Monitor, Bayer Contour Glucose Monitor and One Touch Ultra 2 Blood Glucose

Blood glucose monitors are the most integral objects for those people who suffer from diabetes and need to monitor the levels of blood sugar from time to time. Such monitoring is crucial because if the blood sugar levels escalate due to any unknown reason, then it can lead to outcomes like a heart attack. A patient of diabetes needs to control the levels of such blood sugar through his/her diet which makes it necessary to continuously measure their levels. If not regulated, increased levels of such blood sugar can also lead to death. With such glucose monitors, the blood sugar levels can be known by taking a certain drop of blood from the finger only. Such glucose monitors can be easily ordered online without any hassles after looking at the features of every model. However, it's essential to know whether it's worth to invest money in a certain glucose monitor as per your testing needs. Both Accu-check and One Touch ultra 2 glucose monitors provide users with backlit displays which make sure that the devices can be used to measure blood sugar levels even in the night or other low light conditions.

ACCU-CHEK Blood Glucose Monitor
One Touch Ultra 2 Blood Glucose


If cost is the most important factor for you then Accu-check glucose monitor is the best because it is priced at $18- $50 as compared to Bayer Contour which has a steep cost of $80.

Pain Involved

The ultra soft lancets of one touch glucose monitor don't cause much pain. However lancets of Accu-check cause pain which can be subsided by making use of special 11 depth settings of its lancets for variant skin types.

Areas for Testing

The one touch glucose monitor can only be used on finger tips and arms. Accu-check offers the users higher flexibility with alternative testing options present from palms and upper arms.

Need for Coding

The most desirable part about making use of Accu-check blood glucose monitor is that no coding is required in it which saves a lot of time and hassles for the user. This is not the case with one touch ultra 2 which requires coding to be done before each test.

Similarities and Differences

  • Accuracy of results.

    Usability is a particular issue with the one touch glucose monitor which is not the case with Accu-check and Bayer contour. The Bayer contour results can also be verified by doctors. People can opt for smaller meter versions of one touch to get highly true results.
  • In-built memory.

    Bayer contour has an inbuilt memory for storing results of 2000 tests. Such high memory is not present with one touch and Accu-check. One touch can only store upto 500 test results in its ultra 2 version. Accu-check also can't manage more than 500 test results in its memory.
  • Number of pre-loaded lancets.

    The number of pre-loaded lancets might be an important consideration for you. Accu-check only provides 6 lancets whereas one touch gives 10 lancets or needles with the product. With one touch, there is a lesser need to go to the market to get the additional number of needles.

ACCU-CHEK Blood Glucose Monitor and Bayer Contour Glucose Monitor and One Touch Ultra 2 Blood Glucose Video

Which diabetic monitor is easiest to use?
  • ACCU-CHEK Blood Glucose Monitor
  • Bayer Contour Glucose Monitor
  • One Touch Ultra 2 Blood Glucose

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  • Alex . 3+ yrs. ago

The one touch glucose monitor can only be used on finger tips and arms but best is bayer contour meter

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