Google Maps vs. Mapquest: Finding Your Way

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Difference between Google Maps and Mapquest

It truly is a wondrous world we live in when finding a specific location is as easy as clicking on a mouse. Such is the advantage offered by the map search services that have come up on the Internet, and services such as Google Maps and Mapquest are right at the forefront of the phenomenon. These two services represent some of the most advanced location technology around, and for that reason alone, they deserve a closer…er, look.

Google Maps

What They Are

Google Maps bills itself as a map service that offers the most advanced mapping technologies available. These technologies can be used in conjunction with Google’s other services in order to take advantage of a fully interactive map service. Google Maps also offers business information and a decent selection of navigational tips. The fact that you can pinpoint precise locations with the click of the mouse is another plus in Google Maps’ favor.MapQuest for its part is owned by America Online, Inc, and it has actually been in the business of providing maps in some form to the public for more than thirty years. In addition, to mapping services, Mapquest also offers various Internet- and wireless-related solutions products all over the world. Mapquest actually started out by providing printed maps to the driving public.

Key Features

Google Maps has a very extensive features set, with the dragging, scrolling and zooming features foremost on its list of capabilities. Thanks to the satellite linkup, users of Google Maps can take advantage of panoramic as well as topographic views of specific locations.Mapquest for its part offers location, address or road map based searches, and it also provides information on nearby gasoline stations as well as fuel prices.

Market Performance

The market performance of both services tend to leapfrog over each other, with one company being on top one day and taking a backseat to the other in the next. At the moment, Mapquest seems to have an edge overt the competition, although many expect Google Maps to come out swinging in the next several months. This is partly due to a number of new features that Google Maps introduced recently, such as the virtual reality-style navigation, social networking services and added traffic from the Google search service.


Google Maps

  • Google’s own map service
  • Interfaces with other Google services in order to provide an interactive online map service
  • Is currently the most popular mapping service on the Internet
  • Also provides business information
  • Allows users to search by location or address
  • Tons of useful features
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Straightforward layout


  • Owned by America Online, Inc
  • Has been in operation in some form for more than 30 years
  • Also offers various Internet, wireless and business services worldwide
  • Originally provided road maps for gas stations
  • Allows users to search for locations, addresses or road maps
  • Provides a listing of gasoline stations and fuel prices
  • Users can send data from the PC to their mobile phone


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